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Firetech Sprinkler & Backflow Service

Your Evansville, IN choice for full service water-based  fire protection systems. We specialize in inspections, testings, service, repair, maintenance, and installation of all types of water-based fire protection systems.

Family owned and operated, Firetech Sprinkler & Backflow Service is a full service fire sprinkler contractor in Evansville, Indiana.

Firetech Sprinkler & Backflow professionals are a part of professional organization such as the NICET and Sprinklerfitters Local 669.

Whether you are building a new building or making change to an existing building, we are able to take care of your fire protection needs.

Inspections and Testings
We provide thorough inspection and testing of all types of water-based fire protection systems to ensure the proper operation of your system in a fire.
Our professionals perform fifth year internal inspections in addition to wet pipe and dry pipe system inspections, pre-action and deluge system inspections, fire pump and fire hydrant flow testing, dry pipe valve trip testing, and gauge replacement.
Maintenance and Repairs
Our professionals are able to take care of any maintenance and repairs you may experience on fire sprinkler systems.
We specialize in maintenance and repairs on wet pipe systems, dry pipe systems, pre-action and deluge systems, fire pumps, and backflow preventers.

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